Mayflower Christian School is...

A history of how Mayflower Christian School came to be.

Christ Centered

Mayflower Christian School offers small classes and dedicated teachers in a supportive Christian environment. Your child will participate in Chapel each week, listen to Bible stories and memorize short Bible verses. Field trips enhance the curriculum and provide opportunities to serve the Lord. We offer special classroom events, speakers and presentations. If you are looking for small, personal, and unique educational opportunity for your child, Mayflower may be the right place for your child.


Mayflower Christinan School is an approved Washington State Private School and is a member of Christian Schools International. We provide curriculum based on a Christian worldview for students with the opportunity to advance at each child's own pace. We currently offer classroom opportunities for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Non Denominational

Mayflower Christian School offers a non-demoninational Christian perspective woven throughout the curriculum which encourages students to develop into the individual God intends. We instill an understanding that our thoughts, words, and actions are to reflect our all-loving Savior and Creator. 

For Every Child 

We are open to all families of all faiths and plan to expand our classrooms and add grades as our students and school grows.

State Certified Teachers


Mayflower Christian School Board

We have Washington State certified educators, some with many with years of experience teaching. Our staff are active and dedicated Christians living in our community.


Mayflower Christian School’s Board consists of six members, with one member being from the parent body.

Ken Ratliff - Chairman
Debbie Cernick- Vice Chair and Secretary
Brigid Holmes - Treasurer
Doug Weis
Jerry Ihrke
Garianna Austin (Parent)


Board meetings are held the first Tuesday each month at 6:00pm.
in the home of the Board Chairman
Please email for more information @

We Believe:

Parents are the primary educators of their children.
We support children in cooperation with parents and the church.
Every child deserves a safe and orderly atmosphere, conducive to learning.
Every Student should have the opprotunity to grow in love for God and love for learning.
To Serve others is a priveledge and a responsibilitiy.  
"Whatsoever you do for the least of these my people, that you do unto Me" Matthew 25:40